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04 Conclusion

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To conclude, I have to say that I chose this issue to understand a little bit better my favorite books and their contexts. In the 01Introduction, I say why I have chosen these particularly novels, North and South, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice,  and explain a little about the authors’ biographies.

Then, in the 02 The society, I divide the two different eras that are in contact with the novels: the Georgian era, the Regency is the time period between them, and the Victorian era, the most large period with the same monarch.

Besides of the difference of the time periods, there are the several kind of society seeing inside the stories, Pride and Prejudice has the most high class one, then North and South focus with the industrialization and the different classes in an industrial city like Milton; and in Jane Eyre, we are taught that poverty can be respectable.

The third part is 03 The role of women, I started with the nineteenth century woman, and after that focus on the different principal women in the stories, such as Margaret Hale, the Bennet girls, above all Elizabeth, and Jane Eyre.

In our society, they are seen as classical and romantic heroines, but they are just showing how a woman has to act in depend on the situations. But it is true that, the novels are written by women and these have put their secretly “feminist” points of view in their main characters.

I tried to deal with the women paper, because I am a woman and I believe that, we have always had a separated treat we do not deserve, because women have always had to hold the same as men, but with less admiration. Futhermore, in the history we have been paid a huge percentage less than men, although we worked the same or more.

So, even though we like our feminist rights and all that stuff, we really love to read these kind of books, because they show an idealistic way of life, where women only have to have fun, take care of their image, buy beautiful dresses and then go to balls, and so on.


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